New Year, New Title, More Cars!

Welcome to our re-branded website! We kick things off with what I think is the best way to start  2015!  From the new year feast straight to  Daikoku PA where car enthusiasts from entire Kanto region and sometimes even further out gather to prove one simple point: 

Japanese car culture has no down time!

Despite a forecast for a rather chilly day I arrived at the meet nice and early, and found a perfect spot to park in.

Immediately my attention was drawn by this brand new F82 M4 in finished in beautiful Yas Marina Blue. 

as well as just arriving another M4 finished in all black with dark wheels.  BMW M4 at a car meet? Hope traction control stays on this time. I could go on forever talking about how good these cars are,

I was brutally interrupted by something with twice the amount of cylinders. 

CarGuy group was arriving, as usual - in style.

Soon after, it was the man himself who made an entrance like the boss that he is.

Mr. Kimura is determined to waste no time and put miles on this beast as if it was his daily driver (I though he had the Huracan for that). 

The group was finally assembled and naturally drew attention of entire parking lot.

As car fans and photographers took all possible spots to cover every angle imaginable (and unimaginable as well), I decided to use this opportunity to wonder around the Daikoku PA

to see what was arriving,

or what was scattered around.

After all, it is not everyday that you see a 458 Speciale just parked like that.  One could not simply walk by without appreciating it's beauty; on the outside

as well as on the inside. Just a thought of merely 4.7L engine producing enough power to give all those turbocharged monsters the run for their money.

Naturally, Ferrari's fan-base in Japan needs no introduction.  Just as we saw at Ferrari Racing Days last year, there is plenty of mutual admiration and respect among Ferrari owners.

Each model has a story and with Japanese owners tending to customize their machines to their own driving style and purpose,

seeing a Pink Enzo therefore is hardly surprising.  While the aggressively colored vinyl wrap keeps the paint fresh and resale value up, the owner also has an opportunity to express himself in a very loud (both figuratively, and literally speaking) method. 

But if anything could out-scream the Enzo, that would be a wide selection of Lamborghini's

From the classic Countach

to the modern marvel of Aventador

Nothing portrays the owner's character like a custom ordered...

or custom made Lamborghini...

See my point?

That being said, even a bone stock Diablo will never look ordinary or dated. 

Only in Japan.

While nothing can probably out-scream the Lamborghini, a Porsche can outrace and out-maneuver any Lambo.

Never in your wildest dream you will see a Porsche with LED lights or LV stiched leather.  Upgraded suspension, turbo and free flow exhaust - that's more like it!  Oh and don't forget the roll cage - a must for any track enthusiasts,  Sounds like a core JDM experience?

you bet! After all, EU imports and super-cars are fun, but Japanese car culture is all about JDM: power, handling,, efficiency, and practicality

And what a car to culminate all four characteristics into 1 supercar-killing package known as the NIssan GTR!

Many years have past since Nissan's rather awkward declaration of un-acceptance of customized R35's.  Nowadays there are probably more tweaked R35's than stock examples.  This Endless Demo car looks like it is on the way to its display space at Tokyo Auto Salon!

Much like it should be, I guess, as aftermarket upgradability has always been in the GTR's DNA.

But to limit this quality to just GTR's would be a mistake as Japanese automobile history is rich in enthusiast orientated machines,

while Japanese enthusiasts never leave their cars stock...

See what I mean?

All cars get that treatment, even the Miata - known as girl's toy across the pond, gets a treatment of true track warrior here in Japan.

Speaking of track warriors, the AE86 is that one special car that started it all.  Drifting wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for this car, and seeing the awesome combination of great taste and passion that the owner put into this example should get any auto enthusiast quite excited.

Before I knew it, however, it was late afternoon, supercars made way for the 80's classics, which is all very cool stuff, but enough for one day, time to pack up and go home... or so I thought.  As I was about to place my camera in the bag, I went down across entire Daikoku PA to take one final shot of very interesting looking EVO.  As I pointed my camera towards it to release the shutter....

This happened!

not one, or two, but 11 historically proclaimed KPGC-10 "Hakosuka" GTR's made their way down to the parking area to have a little gathering of their own.

accompanied by the this customized badass S130 Datsun Fairlady,

and the legendary full original KPGC110 "KenMeri" GTR; this was an unforgettable sight for any automotive enthusiast. 

Given that most of the people have left, this was a perfect opportunity to get some clear shots of this priceless collection of JDM icons.

Some featured subtle modifications such as carbon hood, race suspension and lightweight wheels,

but nothing that would alter the classic look of this rare machine

I could not stop wandering around admiring these machines and the awesome condition they were in

Then I was stopped in my tracks as the bonnet was lifted and I was treated to one of the most impressive looking engine bays I have ever seen!

While I don't know exact mods and resulting figures the individual throttle body setup, race carburetors, and upgraded heads guarantee plenty of extra ponies to this S20 motor.

Such turnout of these classic cars reminded me of the Nostalgic 2 Days event, which we will visit again this year.

Overall, this was a phenomenal car meet, setting the mood for 2015 and tone for our new site. As spoken before, we are no longer known as Tokyo Car Parade,

MotorFlair is our new name, new direction, and brand, hopefully worthy of recognition.

TCP initials will remain in TCP Media title; as for this site, so please don't forget to check out a collection of bonus images below, share, follow, comment, and update your bookmarks to




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