BMW i8 Displayed in Tokyo

During recent weeks BMW was displaying the magnificent i8 Concept at a posh Grand Hyatt hotel in central Tokyo.  For some reason however, the car was not put on a pedestal in a lobby, but was kept guarded off in the garage downstairs.  I had no choice but to fight the humidity and poor lightning conditions to get  a few shots away.

Looking at the outcome, even though those are not the best pictures that I have ever taken, it was very much worth the effort as the car is absolutely gorgeous.

I personally fell in love with this car after seeing it from this angle.  The tail lights are absolutely gorgeous and borrow features from the 6 series, while the sporty form of the wheel arches are enhanced by a diagonal line on unique up-swinging transparent doors and very large wheels.

The sleek aerodynamic form is seen in the front.  I find it unique and interesting how A pillars extend all the way to front wheels. As a matter of fact all lines on this vehicle have a meaning and in a way connect parts of the car together, making all the form seem very natural and proportionally correct.

The car's sliver color with blue accents gives it the futuristic look but I personally fancy the white and black look of the version seen at Frankfurt Motor Show.

More aerodynamic features are visible in the back as well, as the giant rear diffuser gives this car a very sporty shape.

But even more so are the huge futuristic wheels with very thin profile tires.  I am pretty sure this will be amended on production model.

The front is also very futuristic and aggressive.  I am sure, however if the plastic kidney grille trend will catch on.   Perhaps they will switch to conventional mesh grille with radiator behind it in the future.

The rest of the car seems functional as very aggressive LED lights are clearly visible.

As was the fully trimmed interior.

The interior is also very futuristic, but seems to be fully functional with beautiful brown leather trim and contrasting beige surfaces.  Blue seatbelts also match the ornament on the steering wheel and some exterior components.

The layout of the interior looks different from the prototype driven by Evo magazine, which featured more contemporary, 6 series based trim.

Seining this car in person is a truly magnificent experience.  I am sure there will be more of it with upcoming motor show in Tokyo, and production coming as soon as next year.  There are new exciting times coming for the auto industry and this car is truly leading the trend.

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