JDM Parade in Daikoku Parking Area

In Part 1 of this entry we have encountered a gathering of Ferrari and other supercar owners appreciating their magnificent rides, combined value of which probably exceeded GDP of a small country. 
But as the day went by, supercars were slowly getting replaced by the products of local market.

A lot of very interesting and historically significant rides could be seen with their respective owners chatting nearby, or still inside, waiting for their mates to join to fun.

Obviously suitable to any JDM scene, almost none of the cars preserved its stock look.
Some choosing to portray the racing heritage,

While some went for something totally different.

But of course, the real JDM scene is more than just show, as with this classic NSX, there is plenty of go as well. 

As sun began to set more JDM stars began to appear, such as this group of R34 Skylines.

Nearby was this slammed Z33 with custom paint, exhaust, and after market rims.  Other than that the car looked stock, but it makes me wonder what's on the inside, as it looked and sounded brutally fast.

There were lots of cars with Veilside aero parts, such is this Z34 sporting a wide body kit, carbon fiber hood, and quad exhaust.  |

This NSX is pretty far from its stock form as well.  Hope it has the performance to match its insane appearance.

Now this is something I've never seen before, not just one, but four RX-7's with Veilside Fortune kit.

Which was obviously made famous by Han in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.

This wide-body kit completely reshapes the RX-7 to the point at which it is almost unrecognizable.

It does give the RX7 appeal of a supercar, and also looks very modern as well.

Going back to the lot, there were many more Veilside cars, but obviously it wasn't the only brand present, with lots of owners displaying their shining beauties in full swing.

And if it shines it doesn't matter what it is, anything unique is welcome and appreciated.

It was a great experience to spend time at this gathering, looking at different cars and watching the owners interact, show off, and generally have a great time. 

Well, there we have it, as it was time to go back, I had a feeling of excitement and confidence that, despite the ongoing recession, high automobile taxes and rising costs of fuel, car culture in Japan while maybe not as mainstream as it was before, is definitely alive and healthy, and as long as it is, this blog will keep going.

Thank you for reading, everyone, please enjoy the rest of this pictures and don't forget to share, comment and follow this blog. 




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