Ferrari Parade at Daikoku Parking Area

Every auto enthusiast in Japan knows Daikoku Futo parking area, every car nut in Tokyo has been there many times , and now sometimes it seems that it has become the ultimate destination.  Maybe because all other highways are clogged with 20 to 50 kilometer traffic jams full of minivans and Eco cars trying to make it out of the metropolis for that precious weekend getaway, all enthusiasts get to enjoy a long stretch of open road to meet up here and chat about latest mods, upcoming shows or how bad the coffee upstairs is.

Nonetheless, Daikoku has become the epiphany of car culture in Japan, and even though I don't own a car I try to get there as often as possible.

Days like this define the true nature of Tokyo Car Parade as Daikoku Parking area, while being completely surrounded by worlds most advanced highway system has turned into a mega car show where everybody appreciates everything with an engine,

Regardless whether it is Italian Exotic,

German mega machine,

Japanese insane tuner,

Or American muscle.

Even if you have half the number of wheels, you are still welcome to showoff your ride.

Especially, if it's something like this!

During  one of my latest drive-abouts I was lucky to stop by twice to witness a gathering of completely different types of people with their passion for completely different types of cars. Hopefully I will re-create the best moments and the atmosphere of the day by making a two part contribution by dividing the day and night visits into two posts. (Part 2 can be found here)

When I got there in the morning, I thought I went through some wormhole and ended up on Italian race track as the lot was filled to capacity with Ferrari's. 

There I saw Ferrari's from most generations:

With plenty of old ones

A lot of new ones,

With occasional rare,

And very Exclusive,

And a lot of them tuned. 

Why modify a Ferrari? Because he can.

One lucky owner arrived in his brand new F12 Berlinetta, and I was fortunate to have my camera on me so I could pick out some of the details of this magnificent machine.

The proportions of this car are truly amazing with very long bonnet blending elegantly with the sides emphasizing all the functional curves and lines.

The car itself is smaller in all proportions than the 599 it replaces.  The short wheelbase just gives it that extra sportiness and aggressiveness.

The front is a truly unique design with vertically shaped headlights and large grille adding to the very aggressive look.  The whole car just screams "Get out of my way, I have too much power!"

As in 458 every single curve, every single line is there for a purpose. It channels air exactly where it should: to either reduce drag, add down force or cool components, but what makes it a true Italian masterpiece is that every single piece of the air channeling puzzle is absolutely beautifully designed and blends perfectly with the rest.  

Closer look shows the beautiful 20 inch alloys wrapped in 255/35ZR20 and 315/35ZR20 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, with massive 398mm front and 360 rear carbon ceramic brake rotors behind.

The owner chose all red interior, and while many may not agree with his taste it's hard not to appreciate the quality of the finish of ever component of this interior.

At this moment, the owner returned, started the amazing symphony of Ferrari's V12 and took off, followed by his mate driving this beautiful white with black accent 458 Italia.
There were a lot more Ferrari's in this event and each had it's own story, but we have to move on, as there is part 2 full of JDM machines.  Thank you for reading, please enjoy more photos below and don't forget to comment, share, and follow!




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