Honda is Feeling the Beat

While I personally believe that "Beat" is not ideal name for any car,
Honda's 2 seater version of K-car has proven to be very successful. Even long after the discontinuation of the model, the car maintained its fan base and following.

2 years ago, the fans were left to speculate about the future of the Beat model as Honda displayed a concept compact 2 seater at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Little was heard since then until recently, when Honda unveiled a Concept S660, which is whole new version of the 2 seater that follows the same formula. 
 Small sub 1000cc engine in the middle, rear wheel drive, and a lot of fun.
What makes the S660 more appealing, however is how modern it looks.  All proportions are great, lines are striking and sporty, and it sits just about right.
On the inside, things are even more exciting as you are greeted with overall stylish interior with thick sporty flat bottom steering wheel , a digital shift timing indicator, and nice leather seats.
What makes this car special is the gadgetry.  From this LFA inspired digital instrument panel
 To this touch screen futuristic climate control.

Overall, this little thing can turn into a very fun and exciting machine. Let's just hope that Honda doesn't change much for the production model.
 Apart from the S660 Honda will be displaying their usual variety of boxy looking cars,

As well, as the most recent version of the magnificent NSX with fully functional interior.

The car indeed looks superb and I can't wait to see the production model to hit the streets.

Tokyo Motor Show will be held from November 22 in Odaiba area of Tokyo with several of automotive events around happening the show.  Of course, Tokyo Car Parade will be there to cover, so stay tuned.





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