86 Style in Fuji Speedway: Part 2 - The New

Continuing the coverage from last month's 86 Style in Fuji Speedway, in this entry I will try to pick out some highlights from the vast selection of tuned Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.
There were plenty of events for the new generation 86, such as casual circuit runs and a race that featured some of the tuned 86's,  They were remarkably quiet but watching them go around corners was amazing.

But of course the real main event was at the space behind the main stands of Fuji Speedway where owners and tuning garages brought their customized speedsters out on display.

Tuner world is flooded with after market parts for this car, which by far has became the most popular base right now.

Everything from engine modifications

To aesthetics, for race look and even sports-luxury like appeal,

bringing attention to this event from the world-wide audience.

It is during events like these all of the after market part manufacturers get to show what they have in store,

And with a attendance like this all makers were pushed to their limits.

A lot of new products were made available for this event, many of which customers could just buy at the booths.

Some preferred to use these products right at the spot

And what a way to create attention as this Fast and Furious impersonator drew a nice crowd with a little NOS spray show.

Since most Japanese cars are shipped without any noticeable exhaust note, an after market muffler is a must.  Nobody calls them fart canons, but the wider your exhaust is, the more awesome you are.
As a former Subaru owner I know how deep and powerful a sound of a flat four engine can be with a custom exhaust system. For Hachiroku, however, just like with every other component in the after market world, it is "anything goes" kind of  approach, unsurprisingly the number of options for exhaust modifications for this car is very impressive.
For a real tuner, however, an exhaust system without the proper engine setup is a waste of metal, so it's a given that for 86 after market turbos, intercoolers and intake components are always a huge hit.

With 86 and BRZ being so popular, while not being that attractive to look at, it is expected that body kits, lights, and aero parts are in such demand. From these functional side wings that give the car more down force in the center and direct air away from mirrors;

Accompanied by set of carbon parts, 19 inch rims, and functional rear wing this car should have better traction when accelerating out of corners.

More diverse body options are becoming available as people try to get aggressive with contrasting color choices, perhaps started by a famous journalist and a mate of mine on his BNR34

Some chose to stick with certain color patterns as blue theme with carbon accent on this car is just gorgeous. 
Some tuners went to extreme as with this chrome overlay by Blitz on their BRZ show car.  However, where the car really shines is in its performance: with custom ECU, fuel pump and bolt on turbo generating 450 horse power. This car ran a Tsukuba lap at 1'02.113

While WALD International went to the opposite end of extreme and presented this aggressive looking wide body kit with matte black paint job,

Accompanied by their cross drilled 355cm front and 330cm back cross drilled brake rotors, with 6pot front, 4pot rear red calipers, sitting behind massive 20 inch 5 spoke rims.

The complete car also features custom built suspension, ECU tune, and this Lexus ISF inspired quad exhaust. 

Right nearby was this clean Hachiroku customized by Powerhouse Amuse, which took a different approach by preserving a stock look.  Performance-wise they went all in as this sleeper 6 speed auto version of the 86 is equipped with a turbo, custom ECU, fuel pump as well as their state of the art titanium exhaust giving it about 420 horse power.

This classic import tuner look on the Cusco Hachiroku was actually my favorite.  Known mostly for specializing in suspension and body reinforcement kits Cusco has built this custom 86 to show their engine tuning potential as well

Along with modified intake and oil cooler, this car has a bolt on supercharger that should give it not only additional 70 to 100 horse power, but very linear and smooth torque across entire RPM range.

Overall, a massive turnout of the new 86's from both regular visitors and professional tuners. The 3rd part of this coverage will be posted later this week and will feature even more tuners, as well as some interesting conversions, custom models, and motorsports vehicles from the event.

Thank you for reading, sharing and following, please check back soon for part 3.


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