86 Style in Fuji Speedway: Part 3 - The Mix

86 Style at Fuji Speedway was an impressive event, and frankly a 3 part coverage is not enough to cover all features and unique rides that were on display.  But we have to move on and this feature will be the final for this event.

As much as it was fascinating to walk around and look at tuner demo cars, I could spend hours walking around parking area and looking at variety of customers' cars, even thought it did get a mixed up over there, and I couldn't tell which one is which. 

Not necessarily a 86, but classic Celica was just as good to look at.

Speedhunters fan-base was present here as well.  Makes me wonder how soon until we start seeing some Tokyo Car Parade merchandise?

This was sitting at customer parking lot sporting an STI badge. I don't know much about about this, but if it's a sign of things to come, the Hachiroku is definitely on path to success.

And if not from STI, then from creativity of some tuners, as this owner of this ordinary stock looking Toyota 86 did an engine swap that should have its place in automobile history.

A little H6 badge may be a hint of what was done here.
He placed the smooth EJ30 Flat-6 250 horse power motor from previous generation Legacy into his car to gain incredible linear torque and smoothest sounding engine of this event. 

This Garage Watanabe Toyota Sprinter Trueno kept aesthetics to a minimum, but did some overwhelming performance modifications, including a heavenly modified engine and original transmission.

Official event stage was packed with large crowd as Kenichi Tsuchiya was present earlier on, and although I wasn't around to spot him, his classic Sprinter Trueno was on display.

Next to it, another attempt to convert the Hachiroku into a luxury cruiser.  Previous attempt was a BRZ Premium Concept by Subaru-STI

AT based Scion FRS was used as base with interior upholstery being completely redone with beautiful white leather seats contrasting well with leather trim of the dash. 

It featured metal trim on the dials and a monitor at each corner replacing of side mirrors. Currently manufacturers are trying to get this approved so this may become a trend. A cool feature, but may get a bit of getting used to... But then again, all Japanese cars had fender mirrors until 1970s, and transition to A-pillar mirrors worked out successfully, so this maybe is the next step

All in all a great car to be in. I hope Japanese car manufactures see this and take notes, as this is what modern car interior should look like

Interesting design as well, I liked the matte bronze paint, but did it have to resemble Volkswagen Scirocco?

There were quite a few Hachiroku's represented from several different professional racing disciplines.  Some were even featured in various races in this event, such this race tuned Trueno with slick tires installed.

This heavy tuned Smart Hachiroku also saw plenty of track time in official GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race

As this road legal Ono Inba Toyota 86 with LFA inspired custom exhaust and custom orange paint.  Yes, it's a company that makes hanko - Japanese signature stamps, but they also have one of the best looking 86's out there!

The jacked ride height and special tires hint that this Hachiroku is customized for rally racing,

While this Monster in Hachiroku disguise has been built with a Turbo V6 engine for Pikes Peak hill climb.  With recent events where BRZ claimed its first victory in 1000 km Super GT 300 endurance race, as well as 86's popularity in D1GP, it makes me wonder If there is a discipline, apart from open wheel racing, where the Hachiroku would not be suitable for.

All of which which gets well deserved appraisal from a race queen.

While the itasha version is pretty much abandoned.  On a Side note, Kyosho is famous in Japan for making miniature models of cars in great quality.
The event of such scale of course could not be present without the official presence from Toyota and Subaru. It was good to see that TRD brought their 86 TRD Griffon Concept for a spin,

While Subaru had shown the crowd a sign of things to come as this STI sign sport BRZ had also a "TS" badge in the back, which was later reported as an official up-coming BRZ STI model.

This was a fascinating event and it showed true passion towards the small coupe from the general crowd, owners, tuners, and most importantly, the companies that made those awesome cars.
Thank you for reading, everyone, Hope you enjoyed the 3 part coverage of the Hachiroku Style event in Fuji Speedway.
Part 1 could be found here,
Part 2 is here.

Please check back for more updates here, as I have more photo sessions and test drives lined up, and don't forget to follow, share and comment.




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