Going Sideways at Record Braking Speed!

As we all know, records are set to be broken, as a tribute to that there is a Guinness Book of Records, which has a few pages allocated to automotive achievements. For a long time all automotive records were all about speed: top speed, acceleration, deceleration, etc.

Recently with all hype being around going sideways, straight line speed just doesn't cut it.  So after the longest drift record was set by the F10 BMW back in May 2013, the driver of Team ORLEN Championship team Kuba Przygonski said that he wanted to set the record of his own, and he had just the right car to do this: a 1100 horse power Toyota GT86.

Yes, 1100 horse power, that's 5 times of its stock variant, which is pretty tail happy on its own.  Needless to say, this car has probably put more miles going sideways than in a straight line.  So Mr. Przygonski decided to make a statement that straight line speed is yesterday's news and delivered an earth shattering mega-drift at whooping 217.973km/h earning himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records.  Well done, Mr. Przygonski, well done, little JDM monster.

Story (Japanese): http://carview.yahoo.co.jp/news/market/191996/


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