First Look: W222 2014 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Yes, it's here, it's on sale, it's official, and I was all over it with my camera! I had a privilege of attending a sales event for elite customers where the W222 S Class was shown to general public for the first time in Japan.

Whenever Mercedes Benz unveils a new car, chances are that there will be something special about it. But when it comes out packed with innovation and technology that will trickle down on regular market within next 10  to 15 years years, it is given that this car is one of a kind.  The S class has always been such car, and while it may not have been everybody's vehicle of choice, it was the car that determined the market trends for next decade. It has always been the first car to feature some of the toys that are so common today: satellite navigation system, radar cruise control, night vision, parking sensors, were first fitted on an S class.

When we all thought that there could be no more features apart from going all green, and that automobile design and performance has reached its peak, the engineers in Stuttgart have proven how badly wrong we were and gave us the 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class.

The exterior design has followed the latest Mercedes Benz trends and has taken a chunk from the luxury styling of the Maybach. They have added an extend modern features such as a combination of curved roof, long wheelbase and striking lines that resemble the lines used in modern day sports cars.  Side view of the car is definetely most striking, with the A-pillars relatively thin the roof is gaining volume towards the rear which connects beautifully with the trunk which appears to be short due to the angled back-end giving it somewhat sporty stance.

This display model was featuring carbon package option and came with massive black 255/40 R 20 front and 285/35 R 20 rear tires. with red AMG brake calipers and ventilated AMG compound disks behind them. Carbon Ceramic brakes are optional and come with gold calipers.

That is impressive stopping power, and this car needs plenty of it as the 5.5L Biturbo V8 is rated at whooping 585 horse power and 900NM of torque can push this car from 0 to 100 kph at 4 seconds. For a 2 ton car, that's lightning fast.

But all that power and torque is a lot more accessible than in it was in  the outgoing W221 model, as the new S Class despite all its toys and amenities weights almost 100 kg less.

And speaking of toys and amenities, this car has plenty of them, as a matter of fact I don't think I have ever seen a feature list that extensive.

There are different drive mode that reflect the preference for suspension stiffness, transmission, engine response, and even the loudness of the exhaust.  There are sensors everywhere that execute a variety of tasks from parking the car to watching the road, and when I mention watching the road, I mean nothing less than that.  The infrared sensors, accompanied by front mounted camera scan the road surface for bumps and imperfections and when they detect one the computer adjusts the suspension within milliseconds to minimize impact to the occupants.  Of course, windows are double plated to minimize road noise, mood lightning and aroma dispencer will help you enjoy the Mercedes Benz experience, and if you get too comfortable, the lane departure warning and distronic sensors will help you stay in control, while the car will monitor your eyes and shake the steering wheel to help you regain concentration. 

The moment you step inside you know you are entering something special as you are greeted by a blend of futuristic and classic design features. Soft leather of heated and ventilated seats comforts you in a manner that can only be described as First Class travel. Unlike other models, Mercedes kept the number of buttons to a minimum, choosing not to expose the dial pad with its questionable usefulness, but opting for ergonomics of dial knobs and programmable switches.

Seating position is exceptional as the stylish steering wheel can be adjusted to your liking with electric joystick.  Steering wheel has been completely redesigned to something I have never seen before, and while I may not be the biggest fan of the wood and leather combination in the standard model, I really like the look and feel of the AMG one.  The logo at the bottom is just gorgeous.

All materials are top notch and there is a cool blend of leather, aluminum and carbon fiber giving the cabin a bit of sporty look.  Of course in non AMG model there are many choices of wood to replace carbon fiber.

Rear seating is of course where Mercedes put a lot of thought into as well, with enormous amount of leg room there is a rear entertainment system and elbow rest hosts a couple of foldable tables that can hold a laptop so rear passenger can update his Facebook on the go.  Remember the luxury of car phones just 20 years ago?  European model has a wifi hotspot option, but I am not aware if this has been included in Japan, as there may be a requirement separate contract with cellular provider. 

It seems that this car defines the new direction that Mercedes Benz is taking as a company. Such successful attempt to appeal to a great variety of age groups and interests has never been seen.

Without any doubt the Mercedes Benz S Class will be as enjoyable to drive as to be driven in, and while it manages to posses exceptional style, performance, and comfort, it also has feature list that we could only dream about.

Without a doubt this car has set the standards for the automotive industry for next 10 years, so those of you who are lucky enough to get their hands on the first batch; congratulations, you have future proofed yourselves!

In Japan the W222 S Class officially goes on sale on 1st of October, and with orders already open  a few lucky owners should be getting their deliveries soon after.  Prices range from 10.9 million for S400 hybrid all the way to 24.3 million for S63 AMG, with extensive options list providing further damage to the wallet. 

I am hoping that there will be a test drive opportunity after the official launch so I can get more familiar with this car.

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