The Good, The Strange, and the Distinct: 2013 Frankfurt Motorshow

All media attention is now in Frankfurt, and while I am patiently waiting for the motor show to come to Tokyo in November, I couldn't resist the temptation to post some highlights of the Frankfurt show that I found on the Internet.

Given that it is their home turf, Mercedes Benz is trying to steal the spotlight with their creations. From presenting their initiative to custom-order their entry level models,

To introduction of GLA class crossover as another A-Class based vehicle. 

High-end market also saw introduction of this beautiful CL Class (known previously as S Class Coupe)...

and a S500 PHV for Eco-minded aristocrats. 

For not so Eco-minded aristocrats Brabus has unveiled their 800hp V12 Bi-turbo ubber-monster based on the W222 S-Class.

Brabus didn't stop there as they presented their version of the 6x6 AMG Super G-Wagen that is going in production for whooping 482000EUR and should be able to re-shape the Middle Eastern and Russian landscape for good.

The Bavarian Rivals who have just unveiled the successor to the popular X5 SUV showcased the PHV version of it, as well as the bullet proof version.  To each their own, and BMW knows it.

The beautiful i8 Concept was here as well in all its glory and in stunning white color. There finished model will be on sale next year.

While BMW is prepping their M3 and M4. Alpina displayed their attempt in luxurious practicality, with this beautifully done Alpina D3 wagon.  D is for diesel. Very interesting.

While Hamann was showing off their version of 6 Series Gran Coupe in candy gray paint and numerous air intakes and outlets.

Audi has finally presented their long awaited Quarto Concept.  It's a V8 hot hatch, and it's a hybrid! Move away Ferrari FF, you're old news!

More ordinary folks, will be happy with the introduction of Audi A3 Cabrio. I am surprised that it took Audi this long to come up with a small fun open top car, as BMW 1 series cabrio was enjoying a long successful run with virtually no competition.

But then there is this.  I don't know know what it is, but it scares me.

With the hot hatch war heating up, Volkswagen decided to have their say with this 300hp Golf R. 

Porsche were displaying their new Panamera Diesel to show off their Eco-friendly strategy. With entire Panamera line-up refreshed and engines downsized, the introduction of diesel was the next logical step.

As with their answer to Prius with this Plug In Hybrid, unlike Prius however, it has a V8 engine and can get from 0 to 100kph in face re-shaping 2.5 seconds. It managed to achieve a staggering lap time around Nurburgring Nordschleife of 7"04. That' race-car quick.

Even though it may have beaten performance-wise by many today's super-cars, the Bughatti Veyron is a modern classic.  They celebrate this by releasing another revision of it, which is always welcome.

This Radical RXC may beat the lap time records of the Veyron, but the driver will walk away from it without looking back, somehow the designers left the "pretty" out of the super-car equation.

And while Lamborghini made yet another revision to the outgoing Gallardo, called LP570-4 Squadra Corsa, which inherited the race tuned 570 Horse Power V10 from Super Trofeo, weighing less than a Volkswagen Golf, it can get from 0 to 100kph in 3.4 seconds, and go all the way to 320kph. 

Hamann had its way with the Aventador, giving it an insane body kit, orange 20 front, 21 rear rims, race tuned suspension and additional 50 horse power to say that ordinary Aventador will just not cut it.  Why? Because they can.

And so can the the other legendary tuner from Germany. Mansory has laughed at Jeremy Clarkson's comment about F12 having too much power and remapped this car's ECU, added a couple of turbo's to give it earth shattering 1200 horse power, Yes, 1200! That's 10 times more than average car out there.  Fancy a 7th gear burnout? Now it's possible.

Back to earth and ordinary super-cars, with the introduction of F12, Ferrari though that an update for 458 was due, and introduced the Speciale, which not only is lighter and more powerful (rated at 597 horse power) , it has further enhanced the aerodynamics of the car and equipped it with more grippy tires, which all contributed to impressive 0 to 100 kph time of 3.0 seconds.

Of course the anticipated Jaguar C-X17 SUV has been unveiled and it looks gorgeous.  This is precisely why I start liking the SUV's, there is something about their proportions and aggressive stance that make them attractive.  Throw in power, comfort, good noise, and practicality and things like fuel economy are easily forgotten.  Undoubtedly, this SUV will sell and pave the road to success for Jaguar.

This of course, is what the real SUV should be like. Land Rover's legacy is undeniable, and this Discovery is built for one single purpose, play in the mud... with comfort.

Back on the pavement, the world had a reason to celebrate as designers at Volvo woke up one day and said: "We want to make a cool car... A sexy Coupe that will turn heads.  Result is that we are looking at simply the best looking Volvo the world has ever seen.  I just hope it goes into production without many changes.

Skoda is doing a good job resenting Eastern Europe, going to their rallying roots with this sporty and aggressive "Rapid Spaceback" The simple and angular design is perfect for this car as an indicator that proper performance and durability is what this car is all about.

Looking at General Motors European division, I am starting to wonder whether the company has done enough restructuring after their embarrassing bailout in 2008. As they are presenting the updated 2014 Insignia, I find it hard finding any advantages over 2004 Subaru Outback. 

They do have some interesting prototypes such as this Monza,which is possible with either natural gas or electric engine and has added cool features such as LED headlights and Gullwing doors to its impressive futuristic design.  Whether Monza will be headed to production line in any shape or form remains to be seen.

This update Camaro, however, is production ready.  The formula is largely unchanged as the European Camaro Convertible will be offered only with the current V8 engine.  Updated is the iLink interface, with which GM is making attempt to catch up with the rest of the world; and design, which to me seems like a step in the wrong direction.  They seem to have desired to replicate some featires of the C7 Corvette and got an DC2 Integra instead. 

Cadillac division of the GM seems to be aggressively following their own styling in attempt to conquer the luxury Coupe market with this Elmiraj concept, largely influenced by 1967 Eldorado.  Like all other vehicles of its class it's powered by a V8, which is now downsized to 4.5 litters with twin turbo configuration. 

Ford is supporting their new direction of design with Mondeo luxury version, which is priced and configured as a 5 series BMW or E class Mercedes-Benz.  I am somewhat surprised at this introduction as, even though it may be a good car with beautiful interior and outstanding luxury features, I can't see why anyone apart from car rental or limousine companies would choose this over the famous German rivals.

Meanwhile Koreans decided to promote their aggressive new SUV with a dude in pink suit. (Somebody call Kia and tell them that they are not in San Francisco). 

I personally prefer the booth babes.

Suzuki decided that they wanted to make a Range Rover Evoque for the masses, and while I give them A for effort, execution... well, it's not quite there yet.

Honda has decided to reinvent the Civic by stretching and turning it into a family wagon.  The good news that is new 300HP Type R was spotted tested at Nurgburgring.

While Nissan is being very civilized with new 7 seater X-trail.  The work horse of Nissan SUV's, it's now more economical and practical.  Even though not the most exciting vehicle of the show, it is guaranteed to sell millions.

Nissan's luxury Infiniti brand has displayed their vision of compact SUV, which should be placed into same class as the GLA and X1.  Even though it's a concept, this is what this final model is going to look like when it gets released in 2015.

Toyota meanwhile entered super hot hatch war with Yaris Hybrid-R Prototype, that was developed with cooperation of real racing division of Toyota, the TMG, who were in charge of their F1 team and currently are involved with their Le Mans effort.  Result is that this little monster can develop a whooping 300 horse power from a tiny 1.6L engine accompanied by a hybrid system.

On the Luxury side, Toyota's Lexus Brand has created their own version of mid-compact sized SUV: the LX-NF. The only vehicle of its class that is guaranteed to make your children cry

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