A Good Day at Daikoku.

Sometimes you get this feeling that if you just get behind the wheel and drive, you will have a good day.  And that's exactly what happened yesterday as I turned in for a quick stop at Daikoku Futoo parking area, which turned into an hour long photo session.
First thing appearing in front of me as I turned into the lot was a Porsche owners meet-up who brought their goodies along
Some were particularly eye catching, as this tuned Cayman with carbon fiber roof

Or this yellow one with beautiful gold rims.

There was a significant number of new Boxters. One next to a Nismo 370z with its owner saying that the race is still on.  Maybe he's got a point.
Turn the other way for a moment and you see that this wasn't just Porsches as you time slip into golden era with this moddded C110 GT and classic 86 parked next to each other.
Just look at this profile!

The old school fender mirrors just add to that classic look.
A closer look reveals how much work was put into these vehicles.
Couple of old Alpha's added diversity to the scene
Parked all on its own was this beautiful white F430.  Japan has probably the largest number of white Ferraris, but they do look good indeed!

The owner of this magnificent C63 AMG seemed to be out on his own, but he probably knew that out of all the cars here it could generate loudest and meanest exhaust note.
Then things just got weird.  I am not sure how he made it here with this camber angle.  A lot of money and patience went into this Accura though, as the owner imported it all the way from the US. 
And it was even more weired from the front! Nice face mask, boss!
Meanwhile a classic Ferrari 308 made its present heard with absolutely stunning exhaust note. (Yes, another white Ferrari)
Couple of bikers had a good day out as well
As did this Subaru Legacy GT owner particularly proud of Subaru's WRC pedigree. I would actually love to see wagons go at it in Rally.
This beautiful NSX was parked up front and didn't seem to be a part of any meets, but it didn't have to.  Lower stance, black rims, and titanium exhaust truly made this one of a kind tuner.

But it wasn't the only thing representing JDM tuner scene as a couple of RX-7's were parked nearby.
On the other side, things got a bit more exclusive as combined value of the cars parked in this area could probably exceed GDP of a small country.  (Yet another white Ferrari)
These black edition AMG's are a true badasses of the motoring world.  Good luck replacing those rear tires, boys!

All in all, a great day! I hope I will be back soon with more car spotting! Thanks for reading, everyone!


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