Turning Tokyo into a Supercar Show

A rainy day in first half of May is a rarity in Japan, especially if it's a Saturday, but that's exactly what happened this past weekend, so all the super-car owners fell into depression, left their cars in the garages and wept for entire day over a bottle of Jack and a re-run of Gone in 60 Seconds.
But as the gloomy first half of weekend came to a close and we were greeted by bright sunrise of the Sunday, which became warmest day of the year so far.  No better day to do some car spotting, so off I went.
But first things first, Porsche was presenting the new Cayman in Aoyama, so I figured I would take a look, so there it was in all it's glory. This is a base model with smaller 2.7L engine, and most options as standard, but it should still have enough power to keep your grinning for entire day. 

Inside was what is now a typical Porsche interior, with very ergonomic design, with sporty accent and high quality materials.  This model had the standard steering wheels with push buttons to control the PDK shifts.  I personally think it's extremely dull. There is no reason, apart from trying to score few hunded dollars, for Porsche not to be fitting sports steering wheel with paddles as standard.

Porsche's new policy is to completely hide the engines so all geeky petrol heads would be dissapointed, but instead Porsche went for a hint of practicallity and inclided quite a dicent storage space above the engine.  I am not sure if it gets warm after a long drive, but there is room for a couple of bags, making this a perfect getaway car.  I did not get to drive it this time, so I will stop here.
Moving on to the outside, it seems that entire Tokyo Supercar Scene has decided to take a look at new Cayman, as owners of
different Porsches
including the rare and mad RSR
  and Ferrari's
 Including this stunning 458 Italia
Even an M3 with strange orange mirrors,
a brand new BRZ
and a classic NSX were spotted proudly representing JDM scene.
It was turning into quite a day and it wasn't even noon.  Next stop was the BMW Aoyama dealership located nearby.
They let me drive the Active Hybrid 5, which in my book is a perfect eco car.  I will be writing a review in next few days, but for now I will share a few shots from the dealership,
which had the stunning M6
and gorgeous 650i Grand Coupe. 

Later in the day I was meeting a mate from Speedhunters, only to be greeted by a roar of a brand new beautiful white Aventedour driven by president of Lamborghini Japan accompanied by his son.

As we enjoyed our espressos in the famous Segardedo Zanetti Hiroo, AKA (Car spotting location of choice) and discussing BMW 335i vs Audi S4 and which having better exhaust notes, our conversation was interrupted by a large presence of classic Challenger, barely fitting into its lane.

We didn't have time to discuss how impressive a 1999 Legacy looked and sounded even 14 years after its launch as one after another people were showing off their rides as if they knew were waiting for them with our cameras. 

As it became dark and our espressos ran out long time ago, it was time to wrap up.
Thanks for reading and here are some more shots from the day:


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