Tokyo Auto Salon

A lot can be said about Japanese car culture, but perhaps the most accurate description is that it is extremely diverse.

Anything from true American muscle
 to true JDM goodness can be seen next to each other while their owners chat and appreciate the nearby
 German Engineering marvel customized by a Swiss tuner
 or Italian Exotica on a set of custom wheels
or with insane body work.
Anything goes, and the place where it all comes together is Tokyo Auto Salon.  I made it a habit of attending each and every one of them every January, so here I will share some of the shots I took in most resent ones.
I couldn't just walk by the customized Infiniti FX without snapping a few pictures. Having driven a stock one in the US I think this is the best SUV for the money.  In fact it's so good, that despite the fact that they are assembled in Japan, there are lots of people importing them from the US with left hand drive. Why Nissan is refusing to sell them locally is beyond me.

I would wish that all police cars were like this.  Being pulled over would be so much more fun.
Definetely this time, the marvel of this show was the Toyobaru BRZ/86. There were more of these in all shapes and forms, for any taste from racing to luxury, than any other cars. 

And of course, no Tokyo Auto Salon would be complete without the D1 kick off demo run that routinely repaints the local parking lot to black, throws clouds of smoke into air and introduces the awesomeness of drifting to casual crowd.

and even more notable tradition for Tokyo Auto Salon is the abundance of gorgeous booth babes making general crowd forget that this is a car show.

Only to be reminded again that by introducing a notion that luxury in its stock form just doesn't cut it.

So there you have, in the country where traditional motor show attendance and manufacturers' showmanship is declining, the custom car scene is going through the roof.  With attendance in 3 days close to 300000 they claim that this is the worlds largest custom car show.  Well, at least from the density and diversity perspective, they are right. 



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