Subaru Previews XV Hybrid Crossover

Subaru XV, a funky version on jacked up Impressa went on sale in 2012 and since then enjoyed a moderate level of success.

Hybrid version is another offspring of the Toyota and Subaru partnership as its proudly presents Subaru's flat 4 engine, symmetrical all wheel drive system, accompanied with THS (Toyota Hybrid System), which sports a small 15 HP motor that should bring fuel economy to moderate 20km/l, while minimizing weight and reducing impact on Subaru's fine handling dynamics.
It is still capable of accelerating to 60km/h or cruising at 40km/h for 1 mile on electric motor alone.

When designing this vehicle, Subaru engineers wanted to attract enthusiasts as well as average eco car buyers. They have re-tuned the steering to provide more response, fitted better suspension to reduce body roll as well as "Yokohama Blue Earth" Eco tires with 225/55 R17 size all around. These tires come with firmer side wall that adds even more steering response. Not bad, but I personally would prefer to see 245/40/19 (As on The A Class). I guess we'll just have to wait for Sti version.
Interior has also been refined to create a sporty but yet very comfortable environment.  Instrument panel is bright, sporty alcantara seats and a thick soft leather wrapped steering wheel ensure the driver enjoys being in full control.
I will keep an eye of the development of this vehicle and will try to get one for test drive once it is available.

Source: Car Watch

Photos: Car Watch


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