Audi Q3: Compact is Best

I was never a fan of small cars and I not really a fan of SUV's, so naturally I would expect to hate Q3 with a passion.  But despite contradicting my principles of a driver's car Audi Q3 has impressed and surprised me to the extent that I actually want to own one.

First, the exterior:
Audi has followed the successful formula of sleek design featuring proportionally correct wheels, angles, arches and body lines. 

It just looks nice from every angle.

Audi included all their funky features like LED position lights, in-mirror turn signal, 18 inch aluminum rims are standard with 19 optional, and as a bonus it came in a beautiful typical Audi gloss white paint.  Every time I would park and get out of the car, I couldn't help looking back and admiring the form of this vehicle.

It was same story on the inside. Even though it was the absolute base grade, it featured high quality materials, modern design,
 and lots of space. 
10 speaker sound system, HDD navigation with centralized computer interface are standard.  Cloth seats in this model were a bit of a disappointment, with elbow rest in the center made of fabric and being too small, but there is a leather option, which I think is a must have. 
Steering wheel is top Audi quality; compact, thick, wrapped in soft leather which was a pleasure to hold. Instrument panel is bright and clear, with color LCD in the middle, which can be switched to give you directions, fuel economy, current speed, and other information.
But none of this would matter if the car didn't drive well, but Audi has delivered in their true style in this department as well.  This compact SUV comes with 170 HP (210 option available) inline 4 2L turbo engine tuned for response and low end torque, which if felt very well with help of 7 speed S-tronic dual clutch transmission instantly delivering momentum to Audi's signature Quattro all wheel drive system.
For its class it has very good steering response, linear brakes, and minimum body roll.  It turns in precisely and with help of Quattro all wheel drive system accelerating out corners is a lot of fun.
The car does suffer from understeer if you try to corner to fast, especially with these base grade tires, so again, sport option is highly recommended,
Generally, I was very impressed with this car. It is a perfect family vehicle for a middle class earner who appreciates good design and high quality.  In addition, the Quattro system provides exceptional handling for its class giving you a piece of mind when you drive your family around.
As this is an entry level Audi vehicle, the company has made a great job of introducing the features to a customer, which may contribute to much desired brand loyalty.  

This vehicle was provided by Orix Car Rental
Audi Japan has Audi Q3 on sale for 4,090,000 Yen


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