Best of 2016 by Motorflair

With clocks turning past midnight and we cruise into 2017 it is time to look back and revisit some of the automotive highlights of 2016.

The year starter as usual, yet extraordinary, where we hit the annual car meet at Daikoku PA

We looked at some awesome cars, and I practiced some new photography angles and techniques. One thing for sure, Daikoku is an awesome location to try out new things with camera.

Shortly after I was at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 shooting for motorflair and BMWBLOG

The show proved once again that Japanese innovation and attention to details is unrivaled.

We then encountered a really cool car - the BMW 1M

After that I took us back to Hawaii to hang with local BMW guys and eat lots of shrimp and malasadas.  

Then this happened

Behold! The mighty BMW M3 was in my garage!

I knew it needed some wheels fast, and after a quick visit to Checkshop...

this was done and off to Tatsumi I went!

I then took a trip to Fuji Speedway to check out Motor Festa event.  The weather was not in our favor but it was great to see such awesome variety of cars mixed and completely unmatched at single location.

After a long break I visited Daikanyama, where we looked at some Porsche's

and then finally took the M3 to Daikoku

Then was a time for a quick photo-shoot of my M3.  I still find

And take Audi RS7 out for a quick spin.  The car exceeded expectations in luxury and style, but driving experience made me feel happy that I was a BMW owner.

Then was the time for the most fun event of the year - Stancenation 2016.  Almost a 1000 cars showed up on this beautiful day in Tokyo emphasizing that Japanese car culture is alive and well!

I then hopped on a plane and 10 hours later was in the car capital of the world -- Los Angeles

I was just 400 miles away from my destination: SEMA show in Las Vegas!

With its photogenic backgrounds and insane builds SEMA is undeniably a power spot for any automotive enthusiasts.

I came back with over  a 1000 pictures, which transcribed to four high capacity posts here on Motorflair, so please check them out!

After my return I hopped into the AMG GT to see how new age Benz stacks against same capacity BMW M3.

Despite my request, I did not find one under my Christmas Tree, so I had to revert to the virtual option in Forza Horizon 3

After my return, I took the M3 back to Daikanyama

and back to Daikoku just to reinforce my belief that Japanese car culture with its diversity and endless imagination is simply amazing making efforts to run this blog in justified!




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